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Opening Up The Toybox

sex toybox

Sex toys. Whether it’s a whole collection, or just a single humble vibrator, more and more people are choosing to pick up at least one or two toys with which to spice up their sex life. With internet shopping now the norm, and a wide selection of toys available wherever you are in the world, it’s no wonder that couples ...

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The Escort ( part 1 )

escort 1

I had only been in the escort business for a few weeks when I met one of the most interesting clients I have ever had, even since. I was scheduled to meet him in his hotel room early in the morning. The moment I walked into the room Max took me by the arm and led me into the bathroom. ...

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The Housewife

the housewife

Katie is a bored and sexually frustrated housewife. Her husband is constantly away on business. They have been married long enough that the spark of romance is gone, and all that is left is the two of them, he too exhausted to pursue anything. She thinks perhaps she can take charge in the bedroom, but does not know how. Her ...

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Your First Sex Toy

first sex toy

Your First Sex Toy I remember the first time I stepped into an adult toy store. I was surrounded by vibrators, dildos, fake vaginas, and more varieties of lubricant than I knew what to do with. I felt overwhelmed by the selection and intimidated by my lack of experience with the tools. I thought I was doing well to masturbate ...

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