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Kara’s Diary (part 3)

kara 3

“Hello?” “Hey babe, how are you? Remember me?” “Nat, you slut, now you remember me…lol” “Sorry honey, I was caught up in a big mess, I guess you heard the news” “Yah I heard, congrats baby” “Thanks, hey Kara, I was thinking, what are you doing this weekend?” “Was planning to sit tight in my pajamas and watch one of ...

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Kara’s Diary (part 2)

kara 2

Kara was really enjoying her romantic sessions with Natalie. Actually, they both were enjoying very much. Natalie showed her a lot of pornographic video and they made love every time they watched porn. Day by day their hunger for sex grew, and they tried many different things, they learned a lot. But as all good things come to an end ...

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Kara’s Diary (part one)

kara 1

“See you tomorrow BFF” Natalie shouted. “Bye, babe” Kara replied. She started walking towards home, it was a long tiring day at school. They had to finish the science project by today and so Kara and Natalie took some extra classes to catch up. “Thank god we finished it” she smiled to herself. ”Otherwise Miss Bloom would have killed us ...

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