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The Doxy Massager is designed as a sports massager and can also be used as a general wand massager. It is the worlds most powerful mains operated wand massager. It is 35cm long and 7cm in diameter. It has a 3 metre long power cord. With a UK Plug The Doxy Massager head delivers a strong vibration that will penetrate deep into the body.

Product Description

The Doxy Massager is fashioned as a sports massage tool which enables you to as well be used as a basic wand massager. It will be the world’s most useful mains controlled wand massager. It happens to be 35cm long and 7cm in diameter. It includes a three meter long power cable. With a European Cable the Doxy Massager top of the head generates a powerful vibration that can penetrate deep into the body. It can be this feature that permits the Doxy Massager to be so astonishingly effective. The vibrations are not a buzzy vibration frequently related to certain personal massagers. The deep rumbly vibration of the Doxy permits excitement to carry into the body. The Doxy Massager functions perfectly while applied alone. It can also be a preferred couple’s massager. The velocity is controllable from the very lowest setting of around 3000 Revolutions per minute through to the highest possible setting of around 9000 Revolutions per minute. There exists a pulse setting that is also controllable. The Doxy Massager which is designed and then manufactured in the united kingdom which is almost guaranteed against deficiencies and also break down for 1 year . The Doxy Massager features an Aluminium head cast at our manufacturing plant in Cornwall it can be this head which contains the secret to the unique really feel of the Doxy Massager. The Doxy Massagers head covers is created from a unique hypo-allergenic medical grade materials which contains absolutely no harmful phthalates and latex. It ought to be cleaned out after use with a wet cloth


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    When I’m in the mood for something strong, this thing does the trick… it’s literally the strongest vibration I’ve ever had.

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