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Kara’s Diary (part 3)

kara 3

“Hello?” “Hey babe, how are you? Remember me?” “Nat, you slut, now you remember me…lol” “Sorry honey, I was caught up in a big mess, I guess you heard the news” “Yah I heard, congrats baby” “Thanks, hey Kara, I was thinking, what are you doing this weekend?” “Was planning to sit tight in my pajamas and watch one of ...

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Kara’s Diary (part 2)

kara 2

Kara was really enjoying her romantic sessions with Natalie. Actually, they both were enjoying very much. Natalie showed her a lot of pornographic video and they made love every time they watched porn. Day by day their hunger for sex grew, and they tried many different things, they learned a lot. But as all good things come to an end ...

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Kara’s Diary (part one)

kara 1

“See you tomorrow BFF” Natalie shouted. “Bye, babe” Kara replied. She started walking towards home, it was a long tiring day at school. They had to finish the science project by today and so Kara and Natalie took some extra classes to catch up. “Thank god we finished it” she smiled to herself. ”Otherwise Miss Bloom would have killed us ...

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Opening Up The Toybox

sex toybox

Sex toys. Whether it’s a whole collection, or just a single humble vibrator, more and more people are choosing to pick up at least one or two toys with which to spice up their sex life. With internet shopping now the norm, and a wide selection of toys available wherever you are in the world, it’s no wonder that couples ...

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A Weekend Away With The Boss

weekend with the boss

The instructions in the email had been fairly brief. Alasdair had told her to meet him at the train station, and pack an overnight bag. “Dress smartly” had been the only instruction as far as her clothing was concerned, and so Joan had chosen a sensible skirt and a work-safe blouse. She stood now outside the train station with his ...

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Have your logo painted here

fiver 7

If you like art, here you find what you are looking for. My body is a canvas that is painted by an artist, you just have to look over reviews and you will realize that it is something original and unique. Everything is painted by hand … no effect in photoshop. Thanks, Ana You want it to be SPECIAL. I ...

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The Night Shift

the night shift blog pic

It was four AM, and the final drunken guest had staggered their way back to their room an hour ago. Dawn was beginning to creep up the streets outside, and Andrew was fighting a losing battle with sleep. He hated this time of the night. Early on in the shift there was still work to do – guests to check ...

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Master & slave ( part 2 )

master & slave part 2

Hearing her walk around me in those beautiful  heels, a smile came upon my face. I heard her rummaging through some things. It seemed to have taken her a bit of time… Or, so it seemed to be. My whole backside pained, unlike any other pain that I’ve experienced before. Our sessions were normally pretty vigorous and painstaking; however this ...

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Fifty Shades of Pleasure

fifty shades of pleasure (blog)

He told me he was not going to have sex with me. This was unusual in our marriage. Usually I’m the one, typically with my best apologetic look, saying that I can’t have sex that night. Anything can cause it. I might be tired from work, stressed having to chase the kids around the house. His mother called. I know ...

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Master & slave ( part 1 )

master & slave blog pic

As I was climbing into the couch sized bed, I became saddened by the loneliness and lack of control in my life. It felt like a blanket of hastened darkness swarming over the earth. By not getting what I beg for… It kills me to be so isolated… So desperate… I need to be controlled and dominated. To be ordered ...

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The Perfect Holiday

perfect holiday

Louise looked out over the crystal blue Mediterranean and let out a sigh. Chris had promised her a first Anniversary holiday that she would never forget, and this trip to Ibiza was keeping that promise so far. The sea was perfect. The harbour was perfect. The island, with the rustic town below them and the more modern city in the ...

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The Escort ( part three )

escort 3

I had just finished a date with one of my regular clients Tom and was gathering my things when he told me he had a special request. ‘Usually, that happens at the beginning of the date.’ I told him laughing. He told me his best friends son Jason was about to turn 18, and he wanted me to de-virgin the ...

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The Escort ( part two )

escort 2

The first time I met Christian, we had a very interesting encounter. I had just started with the service, and I was still just a dumb teenager. I was told to meet him at a bar downtown. I would know him by what he was drinking. I arrived a little early, and immediately saw that he had as well. He ...

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The Escort ( part 1 )

escort 1

I had only been in the escort business for a few weeks when I met one of the most interesting clients I have ever had, even since. I was scheduled to meet him in his hotel room early in the morning. The moment I walked into the room Max took me by the arm and led me into the bathroom. ...

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The Housewife

the housewife

Katie is a bored and sexually frustrated housewife. Her husband is constantly away on business. They have been married long enough that the spark of romance is gone, and all that is left is the two of them, he too exhausted to pursue anything. She thinks perhaps she can take charge in the bedroom, but does not know how. Her ...

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