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The Perfect Holiday

Louise looked out over the crystal blue Mediterranean and let out a sigh. Chris had promised her a first Anniversary holiday that she would never forget, and this trip to Ibiza was keeping that promise so far. The sea was perfect. The harbour was perfect. The island, with the rustic town below them and the more modern city in the distance, was perfect. Chris placed his arms around Louise’ waist and she leaned back into him.

“We should head on if we want to enjoy the beach today.” Chris kissed between her cheekbone and ear, sending shivers down Louise’s spine.

“We have all week to enjoy the beach.” Louise turned around in Chris’ arms and looked up at him. She brought her own around his shoulders and gazed into his light blue eyes. They were the first things she had noticed about him, before the tightly toned muscles of a amateur football player or the curly dark hair that would twist off into unruly locks if he allowed it to grow out. She had loved his eyes. “I don’t feel like rushing around anywhere.”

Chris nodded his head. “Then we won’t. We’ll stay on the ramparts for as long as you want and just stare at that beautiful water that is calling out to you. We’ll ignore the catamaran that we rented for the week.”

Louise laughed. “Fine. We can go take out the little boat.”

Chris moved his hands to Louise’s waist and tickled her. She laughed at the sensation and pulled away. “I was thinking we could make love on the catamaran at sunset. Then we will paddle back, tie it off to the pier, and have fun in West End.”

Louise considered those plans. They had heard that the DJs in West End were some of the best in the world, spinning songs that kept throngs of tourists dancing well into the morning hours. They could enjoy a light dinner near the hotel before making their way to the clubs. All of that following a relaxing afternoon on the water would be nice.

“I’ll sacrifice the view up here.” Louise gave him a sigh of exaggerated concession. “You’ve convinced me.”

Chris took her hand and they made their way down the ramparts of Dalt Vila. The beach, she thought, would be nice, and the she had always wanted to make love on the water.

“Did I tell you today that I love you?” Louise asked as they passed other tourists who made their way up to the ramparts.

Chris looked up as if to contemplate her question carefully. “You might have mentioned it briefly this morning.”

Louise grinned up at him. “Well then, I guess that’s enough.”

Chris shook his head and Louise followed him through the grounds of Dalt Vila as they made their way back down to Ibiza Town and the beach beyond.




Chris watched Louise as she glided along the dance floor, moving her body to the music. The first time he had seen her was at a club. He never told her that. They had met on campus, at a rally, where he had been bold enough to say hello to her and ask her to join him for coffee afterwards. He had gone to the rally in hopes of seeing her there, after asking around about her to find out who she was.

It was not that he did not want her to think that he had stalked her. He supposed in a way he did, but he had only the best intentions. What he did not want her to know was how quickly she had captured him. She had not said a word to him at the club that night. He had only to watch her body turn and spin, her slender hips and athletic legs carrying her body to the rhythm of the music around her. When he had seen her eyes, bright blue set off against her long, sandy hair, he was taken.

Chris wondered sometimes if Louise was the same girl she was in college, enjoying her weekends with her friends on the town, nomads roaming the club scene. Their careers had tamed them quickly out of college, and when they married, she had taken to life as Mrs. Chris Tinley as naturally as she had moved on the dance floor that first night he saw her.

Tonight he knew – she was still the same woman. She may have to sit quietly beneath the veneer of a photojournalist, but Louise was still as carefree as she was the first night she had captured his imagination.

He made his way down to the dance floor to join her among the crowd. Louise twirled swayed around him, and Chris allowed his mind to wander back to sunset on the catamaran, Louise’s naked body under him as the swell of the tide gently rocked them. His pants grew tighter at the memory of the afternoon, and Chris closed his eyes. A body, firm and lithe pressed against him, swaying against his hardness.

When he opened his eyes, he did not see Louise’s sandy blonde hair. Instead, he saw a spray of auburn locks that flowed over ample breasts, held in tight, layered tanks. The young woman looked up at him, winked as she rocked her body back and then forward again, pressing against his hardness. Chris looked from the newcomer to Louise, whose back was turned to him as she swayed.

Louise turned, and her eyes rested on the woman pressed against him. Chris felt panic swell up from his gut into his throat. The redhead spun away from him and pressed against Louise, rocking her body in time with Louise’s sway. The shock in her eyes turned to surprise. As the surprise changed to something else, Chris grew harder. Another woman was pressing against his wife, teasing and taunting her on the dance floor, and she was enjoying the attention.

The women continued in their dance, taking their turns meeting his eyes and teasing him with their glances. Chris swallowed hard and pushed down the fantasies that they brought to his mind. The music around them stopped and the DJ spoke quickly in Spanish – too fast for him to comprehend what he was saying. As Louise and the stranger stopped their dancing and others moved off the dancefloor, Chris gave them an inquiring look. Louise shrugged her shoulders, understanding he was curious about the lack of music.

“The DJ is taking a break,” the stranger said. “He’ll be back in half an hour with a new set.”

Chris nodded and gestured toward the bar and cocktail tables that were slowly filling. “Would the two of you like drinks?”

Louise smiled and the stranger nodded. She turned and led them around the dance floor to a quieter part of the bar. They found a table with three chairs and sat down, waiting patiently for the cocktail waitress to make it to them.

“I’m Chris, and this is Louise.” Chris offered the woman his hand. She took his, and then Louise’s, smiling as she noticed the rings on their fingers.

“I’m Emma,” she offered.

The waitress came by and they ordered drinks. As she walked away, Chris turned back to Emma and Louise.

“You on vacation too?” he asked.

Emma shook her head. “My vacation ended about six months ago. I fell in love with Ibiza, though, and couldn’t go back to London.”

“What do you do?” Louise’s eyes lit up with curiosity.

Emma gave Louise a light laugh. “I photograph tourists on the beach. My friends didn’t think I’d be able to make enough money to survive, but you would be surprised. I’ll have twenty or so people paying me five-dollars to take a picture and email it to them. Sometimes I make more if they take my business card and let me drop off nice prints at their hotel. That isn’t counting the weddings and stuff that people have me come out to shoot.”

“It sounds exciting.” Louise’s eyes became glassy, and Chris wondered if they would be staying in Ibiza. He hoped not. He was enjoying his stay so far, but the idea of Louise wandering around taking strangers’ photos all day, having to haggle prices, and deal with people trying to squirm their way out of paying was not as attractive to him.

“You do photography too.”

Louise started and blinked, looking from Chris to Emma. He was just as surprised by the woman’s uncanny insight.

Emma patted Louise’s hand reassuringly. “Only other photographers think it’s an exciting idea.”

Louise nodded as the waitress brought their drinks to their table.

The three of them discussed Ibiza as they slowly emptied their glasses. When they DJ returned and other patrons make their way back to the dance floor, they stayed. Chris was interested to know a permanent tourist’s take on Ibiza’s sights. Emma offered a few locations Chris had not paid attention to when they planned the trip. He thought them out of the way and noticed few if any reviews about them online. The way Emma talked about them; however, he knew that Louise would love them. She would be able to take her camera and come away with incredible photographs to show off at work.

Their drinks almost finished, Emma leaned close over the table, a conspiratorial look in her eyes. “I like the two of you. You’re cute, and you’re interesting.” She looked from Louise to Chris. “I’d like to go back to your hotel room for the night.”

Chris swallowed hard as his erection resurfaced. He looked across the table to Louise. She looked back, her eyes bright and careful.

“Can I talk to my husband about it for a few minutes?” Louise turned her attention to Emma.

Emma nodded. “If you want to, come and find me on the dance floor.”

With that, she stood up from her chair and made her way back down among the throng of rocking and swaying bodies. Chris watched her leave, her hips moving back and forth, and looked back to Louise. The idea of being with two women was tempting – beyond it really, but the last thing he wanted was for Louise to be in an uncomfortable place.

“It’s tempting, isn’t it?” Louise said across the table.

Chris tilted his head to one side to consider his wife. He knew the tone in her voice. She was not talking about his temptation. “Is it?”

Louise laughed. “I know it’s tempting for you. It is for me too. I never told you, but I’ve had crushes on girls before, and Emma is very outgoing.”

Chris’ throat tightened. He wondered sometimes if Louise was curious, but having it confirmed was something else.

“It would definitely be memorable.”

“Would you be okay with me,” Chris paused, trying to think of the best way to ask his question, “being with another woman?”

Louise sat back, and Chris could see her really thinking about it now. He had this fantasy a hundred times at least, imagining Louise and someone else with him. He wondered if she had it too. If he had asked her about it, would they have had this conversation months ago? Would it have been part of their holiday plans?

“If I’m with you, yes.” Louise leaned over the table. Her look was even and serious. “Would you be okay with me being with a woman, even if you’re there?”

Chris wanted to come back with an immediate yes, but the weight in her eyes told him to think about that. All fantasy aside, any concern she could have about him being with a woman should be no different from his own. She could become infatuated or tempted away just as easily. He thought that a night with a woman like Emma would be very fun. Her forwardness in asking them meant she had done this before. She would know any number of techniques and positions that they had never thought of. She would be fun, but that did not make her someone to leave his wife for, or to even entertain the idea.

It would not be what a girl like Emma would be looking for. After all, if she had to worry about some lovesick puppy chasing after her, how would she be able to find her next pleasant diversion after a day of photographing screaming kids and chasing down tourists to ensure she was paid for her prints?

“I’m okay with it.” Chris had no doubt that Louise felt the same way.

Louise smiled. “I’ll go find Emma. Wait up here for us.”

Louise stood and made her way to the dance floor. Chris stood and watched as she moved through the crowd, letting the music take over her body and carry her. She found Emma near the edge and spoke to her. Emma moved her body closer to Louise, pressing against her, and kissed her, letting the kiss linger with the music. When she pulled away, Louise’s face was flush with delight and what Chris was sure was a little embarrassment. Louise took Emma’s hand and led her from the dance floor. Chris decided to meet them and they slowly made their way out of the club.




The walk through West End was filled with flirting and teasing. Emma took her turn teasing Louise and then Chris. She seemed excited by her night ahead, even though Louise knew this could not possibly be a first time for her. She was too direct and too confident. As they passed other tourists, she noticed smiles and laughs with only the occasional look of shock or eye rolling. She realized that to the rest of the tourists, Emma’s antics were no different from any other wild revelry that West End was known for.

When they reached the hotel, Emma followed them up to their room, taking a more muted tone in her flirting now. Louise looked to Chris to see him aroused and excited by the attention and the prospect for their night. She felt it too. She had fantasized about being with a woman and pined away over crushes, but had never had the courage to approach another woman before. As brave and outgoing as she could be, she was too afraid of the rejection.

She envied Emma for her ability to be so forward and confident, even when faced with doubt and uncertainty.

They rode up the elevator to their floor. Emma became quiet as they walked down the hall to their room, and Louise wondered if she were having second thoughts. Chris opened the door, and when he turned on the lights and they walked inside, Emma’s face brightened again.

“I was worried about the bed,” she said. “I stayed in this hotel when I was actually on holiday. It’s nice, but sometimes the beds are small.” She turned from them to the king-sized bed that dominated the room. “I see you chose wisely.”

Chris rubbed the back of his head, and Louise saw the start of a blush coming to his cheeks.

“I hate small beds,” Louise admitted. She felt very self-conscious now. The three of them were here, and she realized that neither she nor Chris had any idea what to do next. “So, what now?”

Emma took her hands and pulled her to the bed, bringing her down onto the soft bedspread and lying beside her. She propped herself up on one arm and traced a finger over Louise’s cheek. “The rest is pretty easy, primal. We just do what comes natural, what we feel the urge to do.”

A strong desire to kiss Emma swelled up through her, but she held back. Emma closed her eyes slowly and opened them. Louise could see understanding there, and something else she could not quite describe. “You’ve not been with a woman before.”

“No,” Louise felt a strange new confidence in admitting it. “I’ve wanted to, but never have.”

Emma brought her hands to Louise’s waist and slowly pushed her shirt up her body. Louise sighed and closed her eyes as she brought it over her head, raising her arms so she could remove it. Her eyes still closed, she felt Chris’s hands at the front clasp of her bra and Emma’s down at the waist of her jeans, unsnapping them.

“You’ll be a quick learner,” Emma said as she slid Louise’s jeans and panties down in one motion.

Chris brought his hands to her breasts and squeezed them, teasing the nipples between his fingers. Louise opened her eyes and gasped as Emma moved between her thighs, opening her legs and first kissing her pussy and then moving her tongue through the skin, finding her tender clit and teasing it. She looked at Chris, who released her breasts and removed his own clothing. When he came back to her, naked, Louise took hold of his cock and brought it to her mouth, eager to taste him. He was hard in her mouth and as she felt her own pleasure swirl and push over her body from Emma’s tender ministrations, she wanted to feel him spray into her throat.

Emma pulled away from her thighs. “Not there, not yet.”

Chris pulled away from Louise’s mouth and she sighed. He moved down her body and over her as Emma backed away and took off her own clothes. She laid them in a neat pile on the table as Chris penetrated Louise, hard and hungry. She gasped and wrapped her arms around her husband’s shoulders.

Emma stroked his back, her hand trailing down behind him. Louise felt her fingers at her pussy as he thrust into her, and realized she was playing with his testicles as he moved. “Save some in there for me too.”

Emma moved away and onto the bed. She took hold of Louise’s arms and brought them over her head and flat on the bed. Louise felt her arousal grow and tightened around Chris, drawing a groan from him. Emma looked down, her back to Chris, and brought her legs over Louise. She could see Emma’s pussy, shaved and pink, and wanted to taste it.

“Say please,” Emma teased and Louise’s mind spun in circles.


Holding her arms against the bed, she brought her hips down and her pussy to Louise’s lips. She brought her tongue to it carefully, testing and teasing something new. She had touched herself plenty of times, but realized she had no idea where to begin with this. She moved her tongue into the soft folds of skin, and when Emma moaned, began to lick more eagerly.

Louise felt a new hunger now. She brought her mouth over the skin and suck, pulling each smooth, soft fold between her lips. She tasted light and musky and she wanted more. She moved her tongue up to the soft clit and teased it as Chris thrust harder into her. Above her, Emma rocked, moaned, and began to tremble. Louise wanted to taste this new experience. She teased her tongue around the clit and sucked, gentle at first and then harder until Emma cried out. When she felt her body shake, she released it and moved down, tasting her wetness and licking it in. Between her legs, Chris let out a cry and she felt him spill into her.

Emma rolled off Louise, releasing her hand. Louise sighed and welcomed Chris’ kiss, sharing Emma’s taste with him. Emma lay on her back, and Louise tapped Chris’s shoulders. When he pulled away, she gestured to Emma, and down between her legs. He nodded and moved his head between her thighs. Emma gasped as he began to lick eagerly, his eyes moving between Emma and Louise.

Is it strange that I don’t feel jealous? She loved watching his head between Emma’s thighs, and her moans said she enjoyed him there as much. Emma took hold of Louise’s hand and pulled her across her body. She took hold of her hips and brought her lips to Louise’s pussy again. Louise could feel Chris’ pleasure beginning to leak out of her. When she realized what Emma was doing, her arousal shot through her body, bringing on another orgasm from her excitement. Emma’s tongue reached into her, greedily pulling him out of her and Louise threw her head back.

When she looked down again, Chris had pulled away and opened a foil wrapper. Louise bent down so that she could pick up where he left off, keeping her head high so that he would be able to enter her. She wanted to watch him penetrate her and taste her excitement as he was inside her.

When he returned, sheathed and hard, he moved slowly, pushing into Emma’s body as Louise moved her tongue to her gentle clit. Emma licked and sucked at her more eagerly now as Chris thrust into her. Louise felt her began to tremble and kept her attention focused on that clit, delighting in how she grew even more eager for the passion left inside her. Emma grunted, and Louise continued to tease her tongue around the clit until Chris began to moan his own pleasure. Louise stopped and pulled back, letting him thrust hard into her.

Spent, Chris pulled out and lay on the bed, rolling over and looking up. Louise moved off Emma and rolled to the other side, cuddling close to him. Her body felt pleasured and alive. Her mind spun with the reality of her night and fantasies unspoken. Emma started to sit up, and Louise smiled as Chris pulled her closer to them, wrapping her lithe body with his other arm. Emma smiled and nestled there. Louise wondered how many times couples invited her to bask in the afterglow of the experience she gave them. She hoped it was often.

She realized she would bask in this for days.

Holle Dolce ( guest blogger )

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