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The Housewife

Katie is a bored and sexually frustrated housewife. Her husband is constantly away on business. They have been married long enough that the spark of romance is gone, and all that is left is the two of them, he too exhausted to pursue anything. She thinks perhaps she can take charge in the bedroom, but does not know how. Her best friend convinces her to explore her fantasies with a sex toy. She can get in touch with her inner fantasies and gain some sexual confidence. When her friend helps her learn how to use the toy, it gives Katie an idea.




Katie leaned on her kitchen counter and nursed her coffee. It was getting cold, but she did not care. It was nice to have all of this finally off her chest. She felt like a rubber band being loosened. Julie listened quietly, her eyes never leaving her and her face never turning down. Katie saw no judgment in her good friend’s eyes – except perhaps the “why did you keep this bottled up so long” kind.

“You’ve really been frustrated,” Julie said at last as Katie stopped to sip her coffee. “How long has it been for you two now?”

“Six months at least,” Katie said. She thought about the question again and wrinkled her nose. “Well, there was Valentine’s Day, but I think every couple has to have sex on Valentine’s Day.”

“Holidays don’t really count anyway. What counts are the days in between.” Julie nodded in agreement with her own statement. “You don’t think he’s got someone on the road, do you?”

“Michael?” Katie laughed. She had considered the possibility, but none of the tale-tell signs of an affair were present. He was not withdrawn from her or the kids. He was not emotionally distant. He was appreciative. He called frequently while he was out of town and messaged her at stops while driving. She had read up on signs of a man cheating, and while he was showing the lack of sex drive, she did believe it was exhaustion and not an affair. “No, I don’t think he’s having an affair. I think he just works too much. I tell him to slow down or to hire someone, but he feels like it’s not really his business if he isn’t the one doing the work.”

Julie rolled her eyes. “So he’s the consummate workaholic and you are left bored with an unfulfilled sex drive. Maybe you should have the affair. There’s this really cute guy who comes to clean the pool. I don’t think he speaks a lick of English, but he’s got a nice body. He’s maybe twenty. You could pull a Mrs. Robinson and seduce him.”

The suggestion shocked Katie, and then she shook the reaction away. The suggestion was not that big of a surprise. Julie and her husband Rob had an open marriage. As long as neither one of them brought home drama, they could do as they pleased. The idea of an affair with the pool boy would be nothing to her. Not that Julie would have the affair. Sleeping with someone who worked for you was open to drama. The idea of her best friend doing it, Katie could see where the idea came from.

“I don’t want to have an affair either,” Katie said. “I want to have sex with my husband.”

“You could always talk to him about this,” Julie offered.

It was another so-like-Julie suggestion. Katie shook it off. “The last thing I want is for Michael to feel inadequate.”

Julie rolled her eyes again. “Then you have only once choice left. You need to take matters into your own hands.”

“But I don’t want to masturbate. I want to –”

“You want to have sex with your husband,” Julie said. “I get it. If you’re not going to talk to him about what you need, it’s not going to happen.”

“There has to be some way,” Katie said. She thought about her predicament and the one thing she had not confessed yet to Katie. “Sometimes I think I should just throw him down and take him.”

Julie shrugged her shoulders. “It’s an idea. Sometimes men like a woman who takes charge in bed, especially when they are busy and stressed. If you’re in charge of the passion, he can relax.”

Katie shook her head. “What if I scare him?”

Julie laughed reached across the counter to pat Katie gently on the hand. “Take matters into your own hands, like I said.” Before Katie could raise up another argument, Julie continued. “If you want to take charge in the bedroom, you need more confidence than you have sexually. Masturbation will teach you that. You’ll understand your body better and what gets you off. You can also get in touch with those fantasies of dominating Michael in the bedroom and see if you really are into it. If you’re confident, he will go for it, even if it’s just to try it out.”

“You think so?”

Julie nodded. “Yes. I would suggest picking out a dildo to use.”

Katie’s cheeks burned, but Julie ignored it.

“A dildo will let you figure out what works inside you. Have some fun with it. Own your orgasm. Maybe you can even find something you and Michael can use together. You could always come to my ‘Tupperware Party.’” Julie emphasized her words with air quotes.

“No thank you.” Katie did not like the idea of sitting around with a bunch of other women to talk about sex toys. She was not even convinced that she could do this. Julie looked confident of her advice, however, and so Katie nodded in agreement.

“Good. I know of a great shop you can go to. The woman who owns it is nice and knows her stock well.”

Katie listened as Julie told her where to find this perfect adult store and wondered if she would even have the nerve to go inside the store.




Katie set her bag down on the counter with a sigh. The deed was done. She had a little rabbit vibrating dildo and a nice lubricant to go with it. Katie had been so embarrassed when she walked in, and the size of some of the devices overwhelmed her.

The woman who ran the store, however, was exactly as Julie had described her. She was kind and patient. She asked Katie questions and listened to her concerns. She was understanding. Katie felt less like she was buying a sex toy and more like she was picking out an appliance for the house. By the end, Katie felt more ashamed of her embarrassment than what she had purchased.

She smiled and took the small device out of the bag and opened the package. She inserted the batteries and turned it around in her hands. She had the rest of the day and most of the afternoon before she had to worry about picking up the kids from school. Everything was perfect. She had a quiet house. She could just carry the vibrator and lubricant to the spare room. She would lay down, take off her pants and –

“I can’t do this.”

Katie tried to imagine putting this thing in her body and shook her head. The dildo, with its little rabbit-head shaped appendage mocked her with its stillness. Katie picked up her cell phone and dialed Julie. Her friend would be able to give her advice on how to start this up. She sighed with relief when Julie told her that she would be right over.

Katie waited, staring accusingly at the device. Julie walked in through the back door to the kitchen and laughed as she walked up to the counter.

“You don’t stare at it, silly. You put it between your legs.”

“I kind of figured that, with it being shaped like a penis.” Katie looked up at her friend and narrowed her eyes. “I just can’t bring myself to do it.”

“You go and lay down, that’s it. I know you’ve masturbated before.”

Katie sighed. “But that is different. That’s just my fingers. This is a plastic thing.”

Julie picked it up to examine it. Julie experimented with the control buttons and the vibrator flared to life. “This is a nice one. It’s a good starter size too.” Julie looked from the toy to Katie. “You really would like it.”

Katie furrowed her brows and widened her eyes. She needed Julie to understand.

“I can show you how to use it.”

Katie gasped and Julie held up her hand. “I do this all the time at my party. It’s nothing. I just pretend I’m a Victorian doctor helping a woman through hysteria.”

Katie considered her friend. It would not be the first time that Julie had to help her with things involving her private parts. Julie had taught her how tampons worked. She even had to hold onto the ultrasound wand once while the technician stepped out of the room to fetch the obstetrician. Would this really be that different?

“You sure you don’t mind?” Katie asked.

“I’m helping my best friend.” Julie offered her a smile. “Of course I don’t mind.”

Katie gestured for Julie to follow her to the spare room. She removed her pants and panties as Julie waited, applying lubricant to the tip and shaft of the device. Katie laid down and Julie pressed one of the buttons, bringing the shaft to life. She eased Julie’s legs open and brought it against her sex. Katie gasped and Julie slapped her leg gently.

“You have to relax,” Julie said. “It’s going to feel a little different going in because it doesn’t have quite the same shape and give as a real penis. It’s easier if you’re relaxed, got it?”

Katie nodded. She focused her mind on relaxing her body and Julie pushed it in slowly. She shaft widened her and Katie let out a small moan and closed her eyes as she felt the vibrations lighting her up inside.

“Now comes the fun part.” Julie gently parted Katie with her fingers and the attachment flared to life. Katie gasped again and popped her eyes open as the tiny plastic fingers vibrated over her clit. All of the relaxation was gone as her body tensed and clenched around the device. Julie held it in place, using her fingers to keep her open for it.

Katie’s entire body shivered and her mind buzzed in time with the toy. She was only aware of it and of Julie’s soft fingers. Her pleasure swelled around the device and spilled out across her body. She let out another moan, louder this time. Julie pressed the buzzing fingers harder into her. When Katie looked at her friend, she saw a cool determination that drove the pleasure of the vibrator deeper through her.

Julie held it in place, bringing her through her pleasure and into another orgasm. Now Katie felt sensitive. Each wiggle of the rabbit was ice and fire. She whimpered and Julie turned off the vibrator and took it out slowly. Katie let out the breath that she was holding and closed her eyes.

“See,” Julie said. “Simple to use. Quick too. You can give yourself multiple orgasms with this thing. When Michael’s home on a weekend, you can have him use it on you too.”

Katie thought of that and the muscles of her abdomen clinched. Maybe she would have Michael use it on her. She sat up slowly and Julie stood.

“Did you happen to get a cleaner for this?” Julie asked, still holding the vibrator in her hand.

“Yeah. The woman at the store recommended it.”

Julie nodded. “Good. I’ll clean this. You get dressed again. I want coffee.”

Julie walked out of the room as Katie swung her legs around and reached for her panties. Her friend’s nonchalant attitude was confusing and erotic at the same time. She supposed that for Julie, it really was no different from being a Victorian therapist. Katie took the time as she dressed to sort out her own thoughts. Her friend had guided her through two orgasms, and she was sure that she could do this herself next time.

Katie joined Julie in the kitchen and started brewing coffee. The toy was clean and wrapped up in paper towels, and Julie waited patiently, ready to start a new conversation as Katie pulled down the coffee. For that, she was relieved. For Julie, it was just another day with her friend. Katie relaxed into the new conversation and put everything to the back of her mind. An idea was forming, but she needed a little more time to consider it fully.




Michael would be home this afternoon, and Katie had a lot of planning to do. She was still unsure how she felt about her encounter with Julie. Oh, Julie was simply Julie about it all. Katie felt excited and guilty about the entire thing. Had she just cheated on her husband, or was it just a friend helping a friend? Katie decided to push the confusion aside for her plans instead. No matter what the encounter had been, it had given her an idea, and she decided to cling to that and focus on Michael.

Her shopping was finished and she had the tools that she would need to put her plan into action. She only needed to hear from Michael and send him her message. She wanted him to be off the road, some place he could read and think.

Hey sweetie. Eating lunch.

The text message came through as Katie was setting up the straps in the bedroom. The restraints fit under the bed so that she could position them any way she wanted. She decided she wanted Michael’s hands above his head, together, and his legs straight down his body. She would try other positions later, depending on how much Michael liked this and if he wanted to try other things.

Katie put together her email, detailing as much as she could what she wanted to do for Michael – dinner and his bath. She included enough detail about the rest of the night for him to know that she wanted to tie him down to the bed and blindfold him, and pleasure him from there. She did not want to include too much detail about it because she did not want to spoil it for him. She decided, then, to let him know that it would be only the things she knew he would like.

Katie sent Michael a text message following her email.

Check your email. Let me know what you think.

Katie waited as she continued to get everything ready. She hoped that he would agree. She would be wasting her time if he said no, but she decided not to focus on that. Julie had told her, if she were confident, he would at least agree to try it. Katie held onto that idea and emulated Julie’s own confidence, as though it would somehow follow her message and email back to Michael.

Her phone buzzed again.

Intrigued. Okay.

It was enough. Katie smiled. Her bedroom preparations were complete. She turned her attention to preparing dinner. Michael was right on schedule. He would be home by seven, and Katie wanted to have everything perfect for him. The kids were staying with his mother tonight, and she would be the ideal housewife when he came home. His slippers would be warm and ready. His dinner would be waiting on the table. She had to go light on his drink tonight. He always wanted his drink when he came in from the road. Since the woman at the store had cautioned her against mixing alcohol and bondage, Katie decided a smaller serving of his normal vodka and cranberry juice, with a little less vodka to go into it.

He would be able to relax with his dinner, but she would not have to wonder if he was intoxicated later. She thought if everything went smoothly, this would all be perfect. She hoped so anyway. As she cut vegetables and brought out meat to thaw, Katie focused on what she knew well. She was a good housewife. She was a frustrated housewife. She was a little bored with the day-to-day humdrum.

Well, she was not so bored tonight. Tonight, all of those little things felt like part of a dance. As she thought about focusing every detail for Michael, she felt her confidence build. She could do this. She could be the controlling vixen and still be his gentle wife.

In a way, Katie felt born to it.




The front door opened as Katie set Michael’s plate at his place. She was thankful for their routine tonight. Everything was in its place and perfect. She called out her greeting as she heard him place his coat on the coat rack and set down his briefcase. He walked into the dining room and his smile broadened as his eyes landed on her.

Tonight, Katie wore a tiny black dress that flared out and came down only to the bottom of her hips. She wore no panties underneath. She walked around the table to kiss Michael coyly on the cheek and move out his chair for him. He sat down and she followed, taking her own chair along the side of the table.

They ate dinner to conversation. Michael tried to ask exactly what she had planned tonight. Katie hinted that she wanted most of it to be a surprise. When she proved adamant and he raised no concerns, they moved onto their normal dinnertime discussion. Michael attempted to wow her with his latest round of business acumen. Katie smiled and asked questions where she knew that she should. Michael was proud of the company that he started and ran, and Katie decided to focus on that as she listened through stories that would otherwise bore her.

When they finished dinner, Katie led him upstairs to the spare room that had once been a nursery. Now it was their quiet room, where they would read or work on a simple hobby. She provided him a book while she took care of the dishes downstairs. When she returned, he was sitting in his comfortable chair, feet up as he turned the page of his book. She took it gently from his hands and guided him to his feet.

Katie led him to through the master bedroom and to the bathroom. She did not want him to linger and become curious about why she already had the bed turned down, or what was in the small new chest next to the bed. She instructed him to undress and drew a warm bath. Michael complied. She could tell that he was tired and hoped that he would still be up for what she had planned. The bath would be relaxing, but it could make him sleepy as well.

Michael stepped into the bath when she turned off the water. As he sat down, Katie took a washcloth and lathered it with soap. She brought it across his shoulders and chest and allowed him to close his eyes. She worked tired muscles with her fingers as she moved the cloth over his body to clean him.

To keep him awake, she lingered around his penis as she washed his abdomen and moved to his legs. The tease opened his eyes and he smiled as she moved down one leg, only to tease again when she returned to the top of the other. Katie fixed him with a look that was dark and confident, and he hardened as she brushed her fingers over him. She thought of Julie’s affirmation that he would go along if she were confident.

When she was finished, Katie waited for Michael to stand and step out of the bath. She wrapped a towel around his body and began to dry him with gentle pats to his skin. Again, she teased him, not lingering too long, delighting at how quickly he was growing hard just from these actions. She ignored her mind’s attempts to chide her with questions of why she did not try this sooner. She thought that even without the toys, this would have solved her problems months ago.

He could be anticipating some of the details I gave him.

Michael was always a man who liked to look ahead. Katie did not doubt that he was considering what she had planned for him. As she finished drying his body, she decided to go ahead and step things up to the next level. She told him to wait and walked back out the bedroom. She opened the little chest, which now contained a few toys she hoped to experiment with herself, and with Michael. She pulled out a blindfold and returned to the bathroom with it.

“It’s time for this now,” Katie said, holding it up for him to see. Michael nodded and she placed it over his head and into place, careful not to poke him in the eyes. When she was satisfied that it was snug, she slowly led him out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. She guided him to lay down and brought his hands up above his head, flat along the bed, as she wanted them.

Katie pulled up the cuffs and placed them around his wrists, checking them so that they were not too tight. When his hands were secure, she moved to his ankles, parting his legs comfortably while keeping them straight down his body. She brought cuffs up to his ankles and attached them. She pulled on the strap to tighten the bonds and checked again to make sure everything was tight, but not too tight.

“Is that comfortable?” Katie asked.

Michael tested his bonds and tilted his head up, as though he could look at her through the blindfold. “Surprisingly so. What are these made of?”

“Velcro straps with a velvet lining.”

Michael let out a sigh and laid his head back down. Katie walked around to her box and pulled out a plastic tube. Inside was a simulated mouth made of a soft, fleshy material. She pulled the fleshy sleeve out of the tube and tested the end opposite to the mouth to make sure she could plug it with her thumb. Satisfied, she took it and a bottle of lubricant to the bed.

“I’m going to do something that I know you really enjoy,” Katie said.

She took his cock into her hand and brought her lips to it, kissing the head gently before drawing it into her mouth. Michael moaned and Katie smiled around him. She sucked and licked, as he grew harder still. He enjoyed it when she went down on him, but it was not Katie’s favorite activity, and she never did it very long. She did not enjoy the taste of cum or the pre-cum that would sometimes leak out of him.

When he was hard, she lifted off him. “I need to catch my breath.”

She quietly squeezed some of the lubricant into the sleeve and brought the mouth of it to the head of his cock. The lubricant she chose was a warming one. She thought it would help the sleeve simulate him being in her mouth better. Slowly she took him into it and he moaned at the sensation. She used her thumb on the other end to control suction on him and squeezed around him with her other hand, allowing him to feel the sensation of the nubs in the sleeve as well as pressure.

Michael’s moans grew louder until they became a groan. Cum touched on Katie’s thumb as his orgasm tightened and shook his body. Katie continued to massage him with the sleeve and he let out a loud cry. Slowly, she removed it and set the sleeve aside.

“Was that nice?” Katie asked.

Michael nodded his head as he tried to work his mouth and failed. Katie reached down and pulled up a vibrating cock ring. She took him in her hands and gently began to massage him until he grew hard again. She slipped the cock ring over him and clicked the switch. Michael gasped and she brought one leg over him. She knew that she was wet from playing with him and watching him come and let out a pleasured moan as she lowered herself onto him. He slipped easily inside her.

Katie rocked her hips over him, letting the buzzing head of the cock ring excite her. Michael moaned, helpless beneath her as she shifted and explored, finding the best position for him to hit her inside while allowing the ring to do its job outside of her. When she found it, she pressed herself into him, driving him deeper into her. She pulled up and pushed down, drawing her pleasure from him, using him, and feeling the rush that the control gave her. Pleasure built between her legs and rushed through her body, warm and powerful. Behind it, she felt Michael pulse and he let out another moan as he came.

Katie slipped off him and gently pulled the cock ring off, setting it neatly with the sleeve. She picked them up and withdrew to the bathroom to clean them. She hummed so that Michael could hear her voice and know she was there. She heard him sigh and knew that he would be relaxing in his own afterglow now.

When she returned, she removed the cuffs and let them slide off the bed. She removed the blindfold last, kissing him gently on the lips as she did. Free, Michael wrapped his arms around her and pulled her down to him, holding her close. Katie rested happily there. How long had it been since they had a moment like this? As she felt the strength of his grip, she realized he had never held her quite like this before. Katie closed her eyes and let her mind swim in the intimate moment.

“This was wonderful,” Michael said.

Katie opened her eyes and Michael brought a hand under her chin. He lifted her head to his and kissed her, pressing his tongue between her lips to dance with hers. When he broke the kiss, his eyes were full of his satisfaction and curiosity.

“How did you think of this? It’s wonderful, but it’s so –” He paused. Katie could see Michael searching for the right way to say what was on his mind.

“Unlike me?” Katie asked.

Michael nodded his head. “It’s wonderful, and I would like it if you did this again. It really is new, though.”

“I’ve been feeling, bored and frustrated. You’re away so much, and you’re always so tired that we never get to make love anymore.”

Michael started to say something. Katie placed her finger over his lips to hush him.

“I know. I should have said something to you. I didn’t know how to. Julie gave me the idea of trying out some toys to alleviate my frustration and get my mind thinking about my fantasies.” Katie thought about Julie and the toy, and decided she would make her confession. “She had to help me use the one I bought for me. I couldn’t bring myself to do it to myself.”

Katie flushed and closed her eyes. She had no idea what was worse, the idea that he might be upset or that she was admitting to her own insecurity about the toy.

“Did you like her using the toy on you?”

The pure curiosity in Michael’s voice drove Katie to open her eyes again. She looked into his and nodded her head.

“I’m glad that you told me, and I think it’s sexy that you admitted to me that you liked something.”

Katie smiled. He was not mad at all, then. Michael pulled her close to him and she relaxed against his body.

“If you have her help you with a toy again, will you tell me about it?”

Katie looked down Michael’s body. His cock twitched as blood tried to fill his arousal again. She wondered if he would be able to go one more time tonight. Three for him, she thought, would be a wonderful way to reignite their sex life.

“I can do that,” Katie said.

She smiled as she watched him grow harder.

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