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master & slave part 2

Master & slave ( part 2 )

Hearing her walk around me in those beautiful  heels, a smile came upon my face. I heard her rummaging through some things. It seemed to have taken her a bit of time… Or, so it seemed to be. My whole backside pained, unlike any other pain that I’ve experienced before. Our sessions were normally pretty vigorous and painstaking; however this was not like the past. Perhaps she had a very bad day… Anyways… Someone obviously had pissed her off. I wasn’t about to ask her. I didn’t want to know what my butt looked like the next day, but I knew she was going to show me. She always did, as that was her way of showing off her work.

Walking back towards me, my Mistress grabbed me by the hair, again pulling my head as far back as what my neck would allow. “You won’t be needing these anymore this evening.” She said, as she slowly pulled out her, now soaked panties out of my mouth. My mouth felt like there was a thousand cotton balls jammed in it all at once.

Not even a few minutes passed when she was demanding in my ear “Clean this with your tongue!” It was my anal stretcher that was up my ass. I know damn well she didn’t clean it. It wasn’t her job to do, but my mouth was so dry. My tongue couldn’t clean up anything if my life depended on it…

“I said, CLEAN THIS WITH YOUR FUCKING TONGUE!!” She border lined screamed. “Yes Mistress” I said. Holding my head in place, she yelled for me to open my mouth and as I did, she rammed it in. Seeing that I was having trouble with dry mouth, she kindly poured water over my face. Hearing me cough over it “There, is that better?” she asked laughing. “Yes Mistress” I replied, still clearing it out of my throat.

While cleaning the anal stretcher, she advised me to make sure it was good and wet after I thought it was done. It was like I was cleaning it FOREVER, as it wasn’t clean enough for her. Making sure it was sopping wet, after she was satisfied with the end result, she went behind me and put a silicone ball gag in place and only a tiny bit of lube on my asshole…

My mistress held onto my hair tightly and said “Your ass is mine.” While she shoved it back up my ass as quick as she removed it. As I squealed afterwards, “Sleep tightly now my dear.” She exclaimed, as she walked out and slammed the door.

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