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Master & slave ( part 1 )

As I was climbing into the couch sized bed, I became saddened by the loneliness and lack of control in my life. It felt like a blanket of hastened darkness swarming over the earth. By not getting what I beg for… It kills me to be so isolated…

So desperate… I need to be controlled and dominated. To be ordered what to do and when, without any explanation or direction. To be disciplined or punished without question, regardless if I require it or not is something I can only dream of now.

It’s been days since I’ve been taught a lesson, or so it seems. I don’t even know what time it is or the day, for that matter. All I know is what I crave, and what I crave is pure and utter hell from my Mistress… My Master… My Mentor… My Teacher… My Owner… The one and only person who holds the key to my arrangement. Only she knows what my future has in store. Not me. Not even close. Not in the least.

Just let me out of this cage! Thanks to this rolled steel collar I’m barely able to shake the bars; the feeling in my ass is unbearable… The anal stretcher’s she has been using is taking a toll on my mind, especially since she locked me up in chastity. Being a female slave with heavy urges, then not having the ability to touch one’s self does not pose as a delicate situation.

The shrill screams inside my body were followed by a loud bang. Taking cover quickly, I heard the heart pounding sound of her heels coming down the hallway, and what sounded like her chains with hooks dragging behind her.

In a black latex corselette, wearing latex gauntlets, my Mistress opened up my cage, unlocked my collar and led me to the wall, chaining me up back to her. Stuffing my mouth with her used panties to muffle the noise and using bondage tape to keep them in place, she removes the chastity and anal stretcher, and replaces it with being paddled by a wide leather paddle.

Tears streaming down my cheeks, my voice no longer trying to come out of my throat… My Mistress pulls the back of my long red hair and whispers… “That will do for tonight. You’ll be staying here until morning, but not before I give you more paddles, of course.”

Hearing her walk away in those beautiful heels, a smile came upon my face. Finally… Satisfaction… And so will come more in the morning.

bellabunnie   ( guest blogger )

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  1. Loved this one… I wish someone would stuff my mouth with used panties!! So hot…

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