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Kara’s Diary (part one)

“See you tomorrow BFF” Natalie shouted. “Bye, babe” Kara replied. She started walking towards home, it was a long tiring day at school. They had to finish the science project by today and so Kara and Natalie took some extra classes to catch up. “Thank god we finished it” she smiled to herself. ”Otherwise Miss Bloom would have killed us by yelling”.


Today she had a strange feeling when they were working on the project. They were in the lab preparing the final notes. Natalie was sitting just in front of her. She was wearing a very cute red top with her nice glasses and a really short skirt. Natalie is really a very pretty girl, she has blonde hair, very nice body, deadly curves and huge boobs. Kara just wonders how the hell she grew such big tits at this age. It’s probably because she had sex before. She doesn’t want to admit it, but Kara heard the rumors. Kara was working on the last pages when she looked up to tell her something, she saw Natalie was concentrating on writing her final notes, as she was bent down, Kara could see her cleavage, probably Natalie because didn’t wear any bra today, that’s why Kara could almost see her nipples. It was very strange because it was turning her on. She was not a lesbian, at least she didn’t think that she was. But seeing Natalie like this, Kara was fighting with herself to just grab Natalie on that instant and kiss her on her lips. But she resisted the temptation. Thank god Natalie didn’t notice anything.


It all started from last year, Kara and Brook, they were very close friends. Brook always thought Kara to be her best friend, Kara also liked her company, but not as much as Brook did. For some reason Kara wanted to avoid Brook a little bit. She had strange feelings when she was near her. Brook always used to hold her hands, put a hand on her shoulders. It is quite normal, if you come to think of it. But Kara always thought maybe Brook wanted to say something. One day Brook entered her room when she was changing, Brook just jumped in front of her and grabbed her bra, she insisted Kara to show her boobs, but Kara was blushing. She felt really shy and awkward. When Kara denied completely, Brook did a strange thing, she started smelling the bra and she closed her eyes and she was murmuring something. Kara stood there quietly as she could not understand what Brook was doing exactly. It never came across her mind that maybe Brook was fantasizing about her, maybe Brook was wanting to make love to her. How could she, they are just teenagers. Brook didn’t say anything that day , but after that she started to act a bit weird and wherever they went , whenever she found Kara alone , she liked to touch her in a naughty way, Kara didn’t like it , but as Brook was a very good friend of hers , she didn’t want upset her. So she kept her mouth shut. Brook thought maybe Kara was shy, that’s why she changed her approach, she tactfully showed Kara some erotic books , some pornographic videos , in fact whenever she got time, she showed her naked breasts to her . But still Kara never bothered to approach. So Brook also slowly stopped to get her attention. But suddenly Brook’s father gave her a news that they had to move to a different state as he bought a ranch there and he wanted to start a new business there. Brook didn’t believe at first that she had to leave her own area, her school, her friends and specially, Kara. She just could not accept the fact that she might never see Kara again. She didn’t want to tell Kara anything, as she didn’t want Kara to sympathize with her. So she acted normally though she had only one week with her. But Kara soon came to know that Brook was leaving, she felt bad, really bad, as Brook was one of the best friends she had, the only friend that she shared everything with, but she was leaving. Now Kara felt sorry for her, she thought maybe she was a bit harsh on Brook. So she went to her to apologize, but she didn’t know Brook was leaving that night. When she reached her house, she saw her parents packing and Brook helping them. But her parents asked her to spend some time with her friend. So they went inside her room. For a moment they did not say anything to each other. Then Kara started “I’m so sorry that you have to leave town, am going to miss you so much Brook”.

“Will you?” asked Brook with a doubt.

“Of course I will, why do you think that I won’t?”

“I don’t know, it seemed to me for the past few days you were trying to avoid me, I thought you were mad at me for being so irritating.”

“You never irritate me Brook, never, you are my best friend and you always will be”.

Hearing this from Kara’s mouth, suddenly Brook was changed, poised. She thought for a while, and then jumped onto Kara and gave her a kiss in her lips. A French kiss. It was hot, she could feel Kara’s soft lips, her juicy tongue. Brook was sucking inside Kara’s mouth and they were exchanging saliva with crossing their tongues. For a moment Kara was lost in that kiss, but when she finally came to her senses, she pushed Brook aside with a jerk.
“Goodbye Kara, stay fine, and know that I will never forget you”

Saying that, Brook rushed outside her home. Kara just saw her leaving the room, but who knew she would never see her friend again.


Since that day, Kara had a strange feelings for girls. Not all girls, only the girls she is comfortable hanging around with.

The next day when she went to school, she did not see Natalie. She asked about her, she found out that she skipped school that day because she was sick. So after school she went to check on Natalie. When she went to her house her parents were going somewhere. She went straight upstairs; she saw Natalie was watching a movie. “Hey, Kara, how are you?” she asked. “Well that is exactly my question to you”. “Uh don’t worry, I’m fine.” She smiled. Kara noticed that Natalie was wearing a loose white top and only panties to cover her vagina. Normally she doesn’t put on much clothes when she’s in her room. “Hey, Kara, my parents just went out and they won’t be back for 3-4 hours, you want to stay until then?” “I’m not sure”.

“Please stay, I want to show you something” she gave a mysterious smile.

Natalie took out a tape from her drawer and put it in the player, a video started to play, after some time Kara saw there were two college girls in that video and they were having sex with their teacher. Seeing that nude scene and their hot bodies was making Kara wet down there. She noticed what Natalie was doing. Natalie was pressing her boobs over her top and was moaning. Kara could not resist, she sneaked behind Natalie and grabbed her boobs from behind and started pressing them. “Kara what are you doing?” Natalie got afraid. Kara gave her a hot and wild kiss on the lips and said “Hush, just have some fun honey and let me play with you”. Kara slid her hands inside Natalie’s top, and started pressing her boobs harder. Natalie was being turned on, she started to bite her lips and her eyes were closed. She could feel the juice started flowing and her bed was almost wet with her juice. Seeing that, Kara did not waste a second, she quickly got rid of her clothes and made Natalie nude, then she starting sucking her nipple and was pressing her boobs with one hand. She used her other hand to rub Natalie’s clit. She could feel her soft and wet pussy and couldn’t resist herself from licking that. So she went down on her and started licking her clit and fingering her pussy. “Ah ah Kara, what are you doing to me, why do I feel so horny?”

Then they lay on the bed, facing each other oppositely and they started sucking and licking each other’s pussy at the same time in a 69 position. “Ah Natalie, suck my pussy baby, suck me dry honey, oh yah, fuck yahhh….ahhhhh…fuck”. Hearing her moaning, Natalie started biting her clit with her teeth and this made them both very horny, they got up and started rubbing their pussy together and they were pressing each other’s boobs, Marks were made in their boobs as they were licking , biting and pressing so hard. They were fucking each other in hardcore style and they were very horny that they could not hold much longer. “Oh Kara I am going to cum baby”. “Yah baby, me too, cum inside my mouth”

So they again went to reverse position and they both spilled their hot, sticky and slimy juice in each other’s mouth. They sucked each other clean. And then just laid on top of each other. For the first time in her life Kara felt extreme pleasure and secretly she thanked Brook for showing her how fun it is to make love to a girl and also enjoy it. Kara knew that this thing with Natalie will go on in future and she knew that they both were cool with it. She kissed Natalie good bye and went to home.

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