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Kara’s Diary (part 3)


“Hey babe, how are you? Remember me?”

“Nat, you slut, now you remember me…lol”

“Sorry honey, I was caught up in a big mess, I guess you heard the news”

“Yah I heard, congrats baby”

“Thanks, hey Kara, I was thinking, what are you doing this weekend?”

“Was planning to sit tight in my pajamas and watch one of your CLASSICS…LOL”

“Haha, you still have those videos?”

“Of course honey, you left me, but still I enjoy watching those…hahaha…by the way, why did you ask about my weekend plan? Please say you want to visit me? Come see me babe, I am dying to meet you”

“Well, I have a better idea, how would you like to visit me?”

“In L.A?” But I can’t skip class babe”

“Oh come on, it’s just for the weekend, besides, Jake’s so much excited to finally meet you”

“OMG Natalie, you told him about us? You naughty girl”

“It’s alright sugar, he enjoyed hearing about us a lot, anyways, got to go now, I left you a surprise in your email, check and let me know what you decide, love you babe, bye”


Natalie hung up. Kara is very happy today. Since morning she was not feeling very well. It’s not about her sex life, its going very well now, Mr. Fitz is just a sex god, and they are now doing it regularly, but he is a bit dominant, Kara doesn’t complain, a girl likes a man to be dominant in bed, but she was missing the soft and sweet fun she and Natalie used to have, she was missing a girl’s soft touch. She was just thinking of Natalie today, and she called. It just made her day.

“Let’s see what Nat was talking about”


She opened her mail. There’s a mail from Natalie, she opened.

“Oh Nat…you sweet devil, you sent me the flight tickets also, how can I refuse such a delicious offer..lol”

She replied her that she is going this weekend to L.A. Later Natalie replied they will be waiting at the airport to receive her.


Saturday morning she took off, it was a 2 hour flight, she was listening to some light music and was thinking about their erotic time spent together. Oh Natalie, her memories still wet Kara. Nobody touched her like she did, nobody sucked her nipples like she did. Thinking of her was making Kara wet, her nipples were growing hard, she took a bold move to go bra less today, Natalie always loved her naked boobs in shirt, without bra. But that is not helping her right now. Maybe the guy sitting next has figured that out, she saw him holding and rubbing his cock.

“In your dreams you perv…haha”


Natalie and Jake, her husband were waiting outside the airport.

“Karaaaaaaaa…honeybun…..mwah, I missed you so so much”

Natalie wanted to kiss her on the lips but Kara stopped her.

“Hey Nat what are you doing? You didn’t even introduce me to your man properly”

“Oh my apologies, Jake this is Kara, my first love..lol, and Kara, this is Jake my present love..oh I’m so excited you guys finally met”

Jake nodded. He is a perfect hunk. Jake is a gym trainer here, and being a trainer gives him the benefit of having the perfect packs and figure, any girl would die to date a guy like him, marrying him would be a bonus.

“Well, Natalie told a lot me about you, I guess she didn’t over exaggerate, I can see why she is so fond of you”

Kara smiled. Though she was not comfortable with guys before, but sleeping with Mr. Fitz put her to the comfort zone but still, In front of Natalie, and knowing the fact that he knows everything about their past, it just kind of made her nervous.


“So Jake, how did you two meet?”

“Well..your friend came to my gym  one day, I was her trainer, we trained together , then she showed me how tasty she was , and we fell in love”

“Jake…stop it, you are embarrassing me”

“I’m just kidding honey, anyways, let’s take Kara home, she must be exhausted”

“Yah, I just need a nice, warm bubble bath”

“Don’t worry babe, we have our pool and you can relax as much as you can”


Jake drove them home. Natalie showed her room and Kara was unpacking for the weekend and getting ready for the pool.

“Well honey, you liked her?”

“Yah, she seems fun, but I bet she’s not as nearly fun as my wife, come here”

Jake grabbed Natalie and forced her into his arms. Natalie loves it when Jake does that. She enjoyed the deep, tongue wrapping kiss. It was hot, erotic, she felt the saliva in her mouth. As if she was blowing him off.

“Oh honey, you are such a good kisser, ummm…you just turned me on, you want a quick session before the pool? Natalie looked at him with a lusty, naughty gaze.

“It’s ok baby, we will play at night”

“Don’t worry baby, I have something fun planned for you, for both of us”


Kara changed into her bathing suit. For an instance Natalie was mesmerized seeing Kara’s super-hot body. Her boobs grew bigger than before, her hips, those curves. Natalie can also see through her t-shirt and this is reminding her of the old days. They enjoyed a nice swim, some fun in the pool, some cocktails and bar-b-q. They went inside when the sun went down.

“Hey Kara why don’t you take rest, you must be pretty tiered after the journey and swim, we will go for some shopping and site seeing tomorrow” Natalie said.

“Yah ok, good idea, ok, night then, sleep tight”

Kara went to her room. Natalie asked Jake to go to the bedroom and she will check on with Kara before coming to bed. So she went to Kara’s room. Kara just laid down. Natalie entered the room. For a while she froze still in front of her, then she went near her. They both looked at each other for a while, it was a silent calling. It was a signal, a desire. Kara grabbed Natalie’s neck and started kissing her, she kissed her on lips, then came down to her neck, her throat. She started biting and licking, the thing Natalie enjoyed the most. Natalie was getting all wet down there, so was Kara. She just couldn’t wait to taste her juice, so she went down on her, spread her legs and touched her pussy with her tongue. The juice was flowing and she could feel the sweet taste of cum in her mouth. She started licking Kara’s clit. Kara closed her eyes.

Meanwhile, Jake came to check on his wife. The door was slight open, and he saw Natalie making out with Kara. Seeing their sexy, naked body, those huge tits, those tight, clean pussy in front of his eyes, it just drove him mad. He started to get hard. He slowly entered the room. He went behind Natalie. Natalie was licking Kara’s clit, when she found strong, firm grip on her boobs. Natalie smiled, she turned back for a while, looked at Jake, kissed him hard and went down on him and took out that huge 10” cock and straight put that in her mouth. She was fingering Kara’s pussy and sucking Jake’s dick at the same time. Jake started moaning. Kara opened her eyes and found them in this position. Kara was already turned on, so now she went down on Natalie and started licking her clit, and while doing that she was also pressing her boobs harder. Jake was really turned on and his dick was hard as timber. “Honey I have to fuck you now, I can’t hold much longer”

“Alright honey, tonight you get a bonus, fuck my slutty little friend here, I am sure my honeybun will not mind taking this rod inside her hole for a night, right honey?

Kara couldn’t hear the last words properly as her eyes were gazed upon Jakes enormous cock. It was huge and very firm, Natalie’s saliva and jakes pre cum was all over it, it was shining and looking like a Popsicle. She just couldn’t wait to suck it. So she took the cock in her hand, she smelled it, the mixed smell of saliva and cum made her wild.

She looked at Jake and said “Fuck me you bastard” “Fuck me like you never fucked this whore” she pointed towards Natalie.

Jake didn’t hesitate for a single second, he spread her legs and shoved his cock inside her tight pussy. Kara almost chocked, as she hadn’t took a cock this size before, but she was really enjoying it, and when he started ramming, she was in heaven. Same time Natalie was sucking her nipples and playing with her boobs and this made her more horny.

Natalie was playing with Kara’s body and was watching her husband fucking her best friend in hardcore style. She also wanted to get that dick inside her.

“Honey, I also want the taste of your magic wand, fuck me now” she said to Jake.

So Jake pulled out his dick from Kara’s pussy and shoved it inside Natalie’s wet, soft pussy.

Jake was stroking her hard and now Kara was playing with Natalie’s body. They all were enjoying the threesome, finally Jake was about to cum. He said “Honey I’m about to cum, who wants to taste my juice?”

“Honey, why don’t we both share it? You just pour your hot thick gravy all over us”

“Ah honey, ahh ahh, I can’t hold much longer, here you go”

Kara and Natalie squeezed their boobs together and Jake spilled his warm, creamy sauce all over their boobs. They then took it and rub each other’s face. Then they sucked and cleaned all the cum on each other’s body. Then they laid down and started cuddling.

“Hey honey” Natalie asked Jake “How did you like your desert?” she pointed towards Kara who was out of her breath.

“It was fucking awesome, the best desert of my life” he smiled.

“Don’t worry, the fun just began, I am sure this short trip of Kara’s will be a memorable one for three of us” Natalie looked at them with a devilish smile.

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