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Kara’s Diary (part 2)

Kara was really enjoying her romantic sessions with Natalie. Actually, they both were enjoying very much. Natalie showed her a lot of pornographic video and they made love every time they watched porn. Day by day their hunger for sex grew, and they tried many different things, they learned a lot. But as all good things come to an end eventually, their affair also ended as Natalie had to move to Utah to attend med school and Kara stayed in Texas as she wanted to study Psychology and human behavior. She got admitted into a renowned college and as she was an athlete, she got the scholarship. So with a broken heart, they had to say goodbye to each other as Natalie left Texas forever. Later she heard Natalie got married after graduation and started her family, but that is a different story.


“Hey can you show me the Psychology department” “Can you tell me where I have to go?”

“Of course, just go to your left and go straight and the last room is of professor Hoss, he is the head of that department”

“Thank you so much”

Kara started walking towards that room. As she was passing the janitor’s closet, she heard a strange sound, it was like somebody was moaning and seemed like in pain. She looked around, nobody was there at the hallway, as she was about to pass by, she again heard a gulping sound. She felt curious, she opened the janitor’s closet, and the door was not locked. She entered in the room. It was dark but now she could hear the sound clearly. That means the sound is coming from here, but it was strange as she could not see anybody. There was a rack, she went near it and sneaked behind, what she saw was really shocking, she did not wish to see such things at her first day. A mature, good looking guy with a nice body, long golden hair and clean shaved, was licking the pussy of a college girl, the girl had huge tits but her pussy was not shaved and cleaned as Kara’s.  But the guy is enjoying that too. She thought it might be the janitor. She wanted to leave the place before anybody noticed her, but seeing them in this position, that pussy licking, that strong physique, that slutty moaning and those huge breasts was making her wet. She started to press her boobs and she slid a hand inside her panty to rub her clit. After a while she became extremely horny and she started moaning. The guy suddenly heard the moaning and turned back quickly and she saw somebody was standing behind the rack. He didn’t see Kara or what she was doing, but he started to get his clothes on and the girl also started to gather up her underwear. Kara quickly got out of that room, and rushed towards the washroom. She cleaned herself and came outside. She started walking towards Mr. Hoss’s chamber. She was hoping that the couple didn’t see her.


“Excuse me sir, may I come in?”

“Yes my dear, please come in, may I ask who are you?”

“Sir I’m the new student of your department, you are supposed to assign me to a class, I have to complete a total of 100 credit for this course and I was wondering maybe you can put me in a class with a really good teacher”

“Well, Mr. Aron Fitz is our best teacher of the department, one of his students dropped out this semester so there is an empty space in his class, I am putting you there, please fill up this form and in the meantime let me talk to him”

Kara sat down in the sofa and started to fill the form. Mr. Hoss dialed someone in his phone, probably he called Mr. Fitz, Kara thought.

After a while somebody entered into the room. Kara was filling up the form and she was almost done so she didn’t notice who it was, when Mr. Hoss called her, she moved her head up to see the person and to her utter surprise she found the guy in the janitor’s closet standing in front of her. Kara was speechless, she froze in fear, the guy, Mr. Fitz, probably didn’t recognized her and he was talking as if he didn’t knew what he did just half an hour ago with a student.

“Hello Kara, I heard you are going to be my new student” Mr. Fitz laughed.

“Ye..yess..yes sir” Kara started stammering.

“Well don’t be nervous, it’s a great place and everybody is very helpful, friendly, you will love it here”

“I hope that too”

“Ok, meet me after class, I will give you the notes of the previous lectures”


Mr. Fitz went outside. Kara finished the form and then went to library. She was thinking of what she saw and was terrified that she had to meet him after class alone. But she thought maybe he didn’t notice Kara in the closet, so it was fine.

After class Kara went to Mr. Fitz, he was looking at the test papers.

“May I come in sir?”

“Yes please, come in my dear”

Kara went inside. She was a bit nervous but she quietly sat on the chair in front of him.

“So Kara, why do you want to study psychology?”

“I find human behavior very interesting and also mysterious, and I always find pleasure in discovering new things”

“Is that so, then I am sure we will get along just fine, do one thing , here is the test paper that you missed, start the test here and I will check and post the result today, slowly start writing, I will be busy with my paper work”

Kara started writing. “So Kara, if you become my student, you have to be honest with me, I don’t like lies”

“Of course Mr. Fitz”

“So tell me, what you really saw in that closet”

Kara just froze hearing that question. She could not look at him.

“Sir I would not open my mouth, I promise, I didn’t want to sneak, I heard a sound and just went to check”

“It’s ok, don’t be afraid, I am very free with my students”

Kara didn’t notice that Aron quietly went behind her and from behind he pressed her boobs.

Kara was shocked “What are you doing” “Please let me go, I promised you I won’t tell anybody”

“And I’m gonna make sure you keep your word”

Aron started squeezing her boobs over her dress. She wanted to free herself but he held her tightly.

“No, please, let me go”

Aron slid a hand inside her blouse and started pressing her boobs. His fingers quickly found her nipples, they were already hard, that means Kara is getting horny. So he started playing with her nipples.

Meanwhile Kara never had a man’s touch on her body, a spark went through her body. She had a very strange but exciting feelings that she never had before. She closed her eyes and started moaning. Hearing that, Aron quickly made her fully nude and started licking her boobs, and then he put a nipple inside his mouth and started sucking it hard.

“Ah…ah Mr. Fitz”

Aron put a finger inside her vagina, it was soaked with her juice. He quickly went down and started licking. It was long time since somebody licked her pussy. Kara was going mad. Aron then got up and took out his dick from his pants and shoved it inside her mouth.

“Suck it like a popsicle dear”

Kara took that huge white cock inside. It felt hot and she could feel the slimy pre cum in her mouth, it felt really tasty. She started sucking it like a whore


She never tasted a cock before but she was enjoying it a lot. Mr. Fitz became very hard, he could not wait any longer. So he spread her legs and shoved his dick inside her tight pussy. It was very tight and he had a huge 10 inch sized cock. As Kara was a virgin and she never had a penis inside her before, at first it was painful, but as he started stroking her, she found it heavenly and she closed her eyes and started enjoying it. Blood started to flow as she lost her virginity. The blood, his pre cum and Kara’s pussy juice made it more slippery and they could hear the sound of fucking. Aron could not hold much longer.

“Oh baby I’m about to cum”

“Cum inside me honey, I want to have your gravy inside my pussy”

“Ok dear, here you go”

Aron spilled about half a litre of hot, thick cum inside her pussy. It started to pour out and it was a perfect cream pie. Aron rubbed his dick in that creamy pussy. Then he gave it to Kara, Kara licked it and cleaned it nicely.

They quickly cleaned themselves and put on their clothes, then without saying anything, Kara rushed outside the room. Aron thought maybe Kara was upset. But only Kara knew that she just had the best sex of her life and she was very happy to join his class.

“Good time is coming, oh I am just loving this place” Kara smiled to herself with a slutty look.

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