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Fifty Shades of Pleasure

He told me he was not going to have sex with me.
This was unusual in our marriage. Usually I’m the one, typically with my best apologetic look, saying that I can’t have sex that night. Anything can cause it. I might be tired from work, stressed having to chase the kids around the house.
His mother called.
I know that my moods can get hot and cold sometimes, so I always try to show my husband how much I love him and make our time in bed good for him.
Tonight we had the house to ourselves. The kids were off at their friends’ houses for sleepovers. Nothing and no one would disturb us, so when he said he wanted to take me upstairs; I was feeling it. When he said he was not taking me up stairs for sex, I was confused and a little worried. Had I finally gotten too hot and cold for him to put up with?
He led me to the bedroom and sat me down on the bed. I waited patiently as he brought a black box out of the bottom of his closet. I had noticed it there for a few days, but not being in the habit of snooping through my husband’s things, I did not look at it. He opened it and brought out the items that were inside. They were all the black and grey characteristic of my favorite book. My body shivered as I looked at each item.
“I’m not going to have sex with you tonight, but I am going bring you to orgasm. You don’t have to do anything except lay there and take as much as I can give you,” he said.
I was intrigued. I looked at each item. Nipple clamps, a massage candle, cuffs that I realized went to a restraint system as he brought the ends up onto the four corners of our bed. I winced at the sight of the riding crop and shivered when I saw the feather tickler. I picked up the After Spanking Cream and read the label carefully, wondering how hard he was planning to use the crop.
“Are you okay with everything there?” he asked me.
I set down the cream and looked at him. “How hard are you going to spank me with the crop?”
“As hard as you let me,” he responded. “I want you to have a safe word. Use it if you need to stop for any reason or if I start to strike too hard. I don’t want to hurt you, that’s why I got the cream too. It’ll soothe you after we’re done so that you don’t ache or get sore.”
I bit my lip. He and I had talked about the book and the movie when he took me to see it for Valentine’s Day. We did not really get into detail, but apparently, he had decided to do his homework. I felt so very special. My worries downstairs felt so silly now. I looked up at him. “What would be a good safe word?”
He shrugged his shoulders. “Can you remember to say ‘red’ if something is too much or you need to stop?”
I thought about it. Red seemed like a good choice. It was the warning and stop color. “I can remember that.”
“Good. If you’re ready, take off your clothes, lie down, and we’ll get started.”
I did as I was told while he lit the massage candle and placed it on the nightstand. He brought the cuffs to my wrists first. They felt soft and supple against my skin, smooth and cool. He strapped them, careful not to make them too tight. He brought the straps of the restraints up and clipped them to the cuffs. Then he moved down to my feet, strapping my ankles down next and clipping on the straps. He tightened them down, checking with me to make sure, I was comfortable, and that nothing was pulling or cutting off circulation.
I smiled at the care and concern. It felt as nice as the cuffs.
He placed the blindfold on me next. It was soft satin like the cuffs and felt cool over my face. Bound and unable to see, I felt a strange sensation. I was powerless now. He could do anything to me. He could take me, thrusting between my legs, and I could do nothing to stop him. He could tease my body. He could strike me as hard as he wanted with the crop. Everything my mind imagined was wonderful, and I could feel my arousal growing as my thoughts grew darker. The feeling of powerlessness was incredible and releasing. Helpless, I was at his whim now. All the things I wanted to do but were too afraid to try, I would not be able to help but let him do.
“Are you okay?”
With my vision gone, my other senses were heightened. I could hear the concern in his voice.
“We have got to do this bondage thing more often,” I said. A thought occurred to me. I wondered if the bondage might help my hot and cold moods. “When you want to have sex and I tell you I’m not up for it, ask if I’d like to be bound for it.”
He laughed and his hand touched my head gently. “It okay when you’re not in the mood, you know. I understand.” He paused and gave another laugh. “Actually, if I wanted a sex machine, the store I went to has a huge variety of them.”
I laughed at that. His touch was nice and while I still felt helpless in his bonds, I felt comforted as well. “Still ask anyway. If I’m really not in the mood, I’ll know it’s okay. This is really incredible, though. I think maybe when I’m just stressed, this might be enough to relieve it and get me in the mood again.”
He kissed me on the forehead and moved away. “We’ll try that then and see if it works.”
I breathed slowly and let my mind float in the sensation of being bound. Something soft and light touched my nipples and I realized that he was teasing them with the feather tickler. I let out a light sigh and he moved to the other. The sensation was nice and sweet. It did not tickle, but it did arouse me. He took my right nipple between his fingers gently, and I waited for the pleasure of him playing with them.
Instead, the color red flashed through my mind. Something hard pinched my nipple and it would not release it. I let out a small cry. In response, I felt his tongue slide over the tip of my nipple. The pain heightened the sensation and the sensation heightened the pain. It hurt, but it was so beautiful. I watched in my mind as the color swirled around.
He gently took hold of my left nipple and another jolt of pain shot through my body as he pinched it in the clip. He flicked his tongue over that nipple as well, and I watched a second swirl of red dance with the first in my mind.
As the red swirled and twisted, a light violet joined as the feather tickler moved along my chest and stomach. It felt so nice. Each time it sent shivers across my body, my nipples hardened and pinched harder in the clips. I would alternate between sighs of pleasure and squeals of pain. He laughed at the sounds, continuing to tickle along my torso.
He stopped and I waited, wondering what was next. As the violet faded from my mental vision, yellow and orange joined in. Something warm dripped down onto my breasts and then down my stomach. I sighed at the feeling as he worked it into my skin gently. It was soothing and relaxing. This, I thought, was what sensual was about.
He dripped more down my thighs, working the oil into them with strong, gentle hands. I moaned as he drew close to my sex, but he did not touch me. I wanted him to. I craved his touch, but he denied me. That denial was just as delicious.
With the yellow and orange now forming a solid backdrop against the swirling and dancing red of my mental vision, violet joined once again as the feather tickler moved along my right thigh. I let out a giggle and felt the sudden sting, lightning across my senses as the pop of a lash broke through my pleasure. He snapped again, solid along my upper thigh, a hard, lightning sharp pain, and sound to match.
He snapped repeatedly on my thigh, the pain building higher each time. I moaned and cried out at the pain, watching the lighting flash in my mind. It hurt, but it was beautiful against skin that was alive and sensitive from his massage. He struck harder and my word escaped my lips gently.
He kissed my thigh and I relaxed. Violet joined the other colors once again as the tickler moved over my left thigh. I sighed happily and then pulled at my bonds as the crack like lightening broke my peace once again. Harder with each strike he drove pain through my body from my thigh. I cried out my word this time as the pain built to a wondrous crescendo.
My breathing was hard and uneven. He kissed my thigh and told me that he loved me. My breathing became even again and I relaxed in my bonds once more. My senses swirled around my body and I wondered what was next? What new pain and delight would he offer me?
I did not even register the next strike. It caught me so off guard that I had no way to process what had happened. Between my legs, I felt the sharp pinch and a growing warmth, but I could not understand the source of it. He struck again and the lightning was a storm over my head. Each pop of the lash was like thunder. The colors so warm swarmed around me like violent waves. I cried out with each strike as he popped the lash against my sex. He did not strike hard, only firm and strong.
All of the sensations of my body converged on the strikes until they swelled through me. I let out a deep and throaty cry as the orgasm surged through my body, washing it in my pleasure. He stopped and I felt his lips, one time, very gently kiss my sex.
My thighs burned from the pain of his lash. Then blue washed my inner vision as he brought the cream to each thigh, gently working it into my skin. I sighed again and let the feeling wash through my body, following my orgasm. I relaxed and lay there as he gently removed each clip and unfastened my bonds. He removed my blindfold last, but I did not open my eyes right away. I wanted to savor this feeling a little longer.
When I finally opened them, he sat down onto the bed and looked at me. “Did you enjoy everything?”
“I did. The pain was intense. The way that you did something soft and nice before just heightened it.” I sat up slowly and looked at my husband. “I want to make love to you.”
He smiled at me gently and shook his head. “I told you, I’m not doing that tonight. Tonight was all about giving you new sensations. I want to let you have the rest of the night to really let yourself feel the effect of that. If you want, we can make love in the morning.”
I kissed my husband, letting him feel my passion and love. “I would like that a lot.”
He laid me down and lay beside me, stroking my hair gently. “Good. Now, we finish your aftercare.”

Holle Dolce ( guest blogger )

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  1. Lucky lady. It’s so hot that he made her wait till the next day to make love to her… I would love the wait!! I want to know what the aftercare was…

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