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Don’t you just love a vajazzle ?

So you want to bling up your bits? Sparkle your special parts? Maybe your asking what is a vajazzle? Looking for vajazzle photos? Or you want inspiration for your vagazzle well you have arrived at the right place.

We have created this vajazzling post to show you how to do it yourself, from the comfort of your own home. We understand how some people don’t like the thought of a stranger fiddling around near their private parts or perhaps some of you can’t afford to go to a salon to vajazzle. You will be amazed at how simple it can be to achieve the perfect vajazzle yourself, with a little patience, a creative flair, and only a few pounds of your money.

On this page you will find how to guides, showing you step by step how to DIY Vajazzle, available diamantes, DIY vajazzling kits and glues along with a gallery of inspiration and useful links for home vajazzing. 

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How to Vajazzle

How to DIY Vajazzle? How to apply a Vagazzle?

First you will need to start by shaving the area in which you wish to decorate with body gems. If you do not wish to shave then you could use a hair removal product or wax strips. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself then you can visit your local salon to have the area made hair free and smooth.

Then you will need to make up your mind which Vajazzle design you would like to use, you can choose from pre-made designs, or create and design your own from using individual body gems. Some designs can be seen in our Vajazzle gallery

You then need to purchase your body crystals, we have a large selection on our shop here, the shop is an amazon shop so all items are secure and guaranteed delivery. You can also view reviews here in our vajazzle shop. There are hearts, diamonds, letters, and a variety of different coloured vajazzling gems.

Now you have your design and DIY Vajazzle kit in front of you it’s time to clean the area. Take some soap and water and wash the area, if you suffer from dry skin it is a good idea to  dab the skin dry after washing it. Do not use moisturizers or oily products and preferably use an alcohol cleanser to remove oils from the skin.

Once you have got this far it’s time to get creative. You are now going to apply the vajazzle kit. On the area you have just prepared either follow the directions that have come with the kit you have purchased, it is very straight forward with the premade Vajazzles you simply remove the back and stick in position and press firmly for about 20 seconds. If you are using the individual gems then most will come with self adhesive so you will just to remove the backing and individually place them where you desire. While doing the individual vajazzle crystals you would be advised to use tweezers.

There are many products you can use to seal the finished design, glues of choice are spirit gum, clear eyelash glue or Bindi glue, these are used to secure the DIY Vajazzle and to keep it in place. You will need to find something to apply the glue with so opt for a cotton bud, or a smaller paint brush. Individually dab a tiny amount of the Vajazzle glue at the sides of the gems, and on top. Avoid putting in more sensitive areas and keep to the outside of your body. Now you will need to leave the finished vajazzle to dry for around 15 minutes. After this time it should be safe to get dressed.

If you are looking to remove the product or you have made a mistake you simply gently peel the Vajazzling crystals from your body.

So there you have it you have now applied you first DIY Vajazzle kit, I would opt for the designs that are premade to start with until you are more familiar with the Vajazzling process. After you have had some practice you can then start to try using individual crystals. You will also need to be cautious when applying the vajazzle to the skin if you have just shaved or waxed as the skin tends to be more sensitive to the glues. Try also to keep the design just above of your pubic mons, this is the area at the top of the hair line, above your clitoris or when using the toilet you may remove it with toilet paper.

The finished Vajazzle won’t last very long, sealing it will ensure it stays on for that little bit longer, you will need to take care when putting on your underwear, visiting the bathroom, showering, and try to avoid oils and moisturizers as these could remove the glue. Most of the vajazzle kits can be used again if you use the right sealents and glues.

What Will I need to Vajazzle?

Here is a list of the products and links you will need.

Glue or adhesive

DIY Vajazzle kit or individual body crystals

Hair removal product

Tweezers preferably pointed

Cotton buds or a small paint brush

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