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A Weekend Away With The Boss

The instructions in the email had been fairly brief. Alasdair had told her to meet him at the train station, and pack an overnight bag. “Dress smartly” had been the only instruction as far as her clothing was concerned, and so Joan had chosen a sensible skirt and a work-safe blouse. She stood now outside the train station with his small suitcase by her side, anxiously checking her phone. It wasn’t like Alasdair to be late.

Joan was Alasdair’s personal assistant, and she was more often than not to be found by his side. Still, it was a new experience to be invited to accompany him to a conference over the course of a weekend. Joan had been quick to accept the offer – quite apart from wanting to be good at her job, it was a fairly deep secret of hers that she found Alasdair really rather attractive.

She’d liked him the moment she started as his assistant over six months ago now. He was in his late thirties, but he looked much younger, despite the shoots of grey already appearing in his hair. He dressed well, and was muscular and athletic. Those things aside though, it was really his manner that Joan found appealing. There was something about him that was just beautifully commanding – he was always in control, always in charge.

That was what made it all the more puzzling that he was late. She scanned up and down the street one more time, and then just as she’d made up her mind to ring him, a taxi pulled up at the side of the road and he climbed out from within.

She greeted him with a smile, which he returned. “I hope you haven’t been waiting long,” he said. “Our train leaves in five minutes. Shall we?”

And just like that, off they went. Joan followed him through the station and they settled into first class at the front of their train. It wasn’t long before they were speeding through the countryside – they chatted as they sped onwards towards their destination. Alasdair told her about a book he’d been reading recently, and Joan listened avidly, nodding along, drinking in his words.

Sometimes she thought to herself that it was rather an odd crush to have. He was, after all, quite a few years older than her… and he was her boss, too! In a way though, those things only made her want him all the more. It was odd – being in such close proximity to a man, but not being able to let herself go all the way.

They arrived in Manchester in plenty of time, and caught a taxi to their hotel on the edge of town. She handled the check in, while Alasdair made a phone call, and then took their cases up to their room to unpack. It seemed they would be sharing a room – odd, she thought, but she would be the very last person in the world to complain about the situation.

There were two double beds in the room, and she put one suitcase on each of them. Her own she opened and unpacked quickly. Then she hesitated before opening Alasdair’s. He was still down in the lobby on the phone, and she had no doubt that he would want her to unpack his things. All the same though, she hesitated a moment before reaching out to unzip the bag.

She hesitated even longer when she saw what was inside. As well as the expected contents of a spare suit and clothes and bundles of notes and papers, there were also a number of other things. She recognised some. That was unmistakeably a bright blue rubber dildo, realistically shaped like a thick, veiny cock. That was a riding crop, thin and whippy. Others were beyond her knowledge – some of the other toys she could only assume were vibrators or some other kind of stimulating device.

She stared in wonder. Oddly enough, she didn’t feel in the least bit disturbed or unsettled. No – instead she felt excited. Her sex life had always been somewhat vanilla – that is, when she had a sex life at all. She’d been curious for quite some time about toys and BDSM. To find out that it was something that her secret crush Alasdair was into was quite the thrilling discovery. And he had brought these things with him on a weekend that he would be spending with her… did he plan to play with her? Did he perhaps find her as attractive as she found him?

She heard the door swing shut, and flipped the suitcase shut in the same moment, but it was already too late. Alasdair was standing there watching her rifle through his things with an expression of mild amusement on his face.

“Sir,” she blurted. “I’m sorry. I was just going to unpack your things and I found… Well…”

Alasdair waved her apology away. “Don’t worry about it,” he said. “I would have broached the subject with you sooner or later. Perhaps not in this exact fashion, but still.”

Joan could feel herself colouring, a blush creeping up her face. “I saw everything you brought with you. Is… is all that for me?”

Alasdair laughed then, but it was not a unkind laugh. “If you want to try it, then certainly it is,” he said.

Mutely, Joan nodded. She couldn’t even put into words how much she wanted to try the contents of his suitcase. Alasdair brushed past her and opened it himself, then reached in and drew out a paper-wrapped bundle.

“Go and put these on, then,” he said, and gestured towards the bathroom. Joan was quick to obey.

The parcel contained some lingerie – a black basque with stockings and suspenders. All of it fit her perfectly, and she shivered with sensual pleasure as she stripped off her sensible work clothes and slipped into the lacy garments. She fixed her blonde hair in the mirror and looked herself over for a moment before stepping back out into the room. Her heart was hammering as she did so.

Alasdair was waiting for her. He had taken the opportunity to unpack his things and spread them out on the spare bed. He smiled when he saw her, and beckoned for her to come closer. Tentatively, she did so, moving closer and closer until she was standing practically face to face with him. For a moment they simply stood there, waiting, Joan barely daring to breathe. Then Alasdair reached forward and took hold of her and drew her into a firm embrace. His mouth found hers and kissed her firmly, sending shivers of warmth and pleasure through her whole slender body. She kissed back keenly, loving the way his strong arms felt wrapped around her.

Finally, it was happened. Something that she’d dreamed about and fantasises about for far too long now – finally, her dream was becoming real.

The next thing she knew she was on her back on the bed. Alasdair was gentle with her even as he pushed her down. He straddled her, his legs on either side of her body, and with deft movements secured a pair of leather cuffs around each of her wrists. These he attached to the metal headboard, securing her firmly in place.

Her heart rate soared as he moved down her body. Here she was, pinned and helpless, secured in place for his enjoyment. It was everything she’d ever wanted. Alasdair reached across to the other bed and plucked up a blue plastic device that looked like a lipstick container. He pressed a button on the end of it, and a low buzzing filled the air as it started to vibrate.

He didn’t even remove her black lace panties at first – instead he simply pressed the device against her crotch through her underwear. She shivered as the buzzing vibrations shivered through her. She hadn’t used a vibrator on herself in years, and she’d almost forgotten what the sensation was like – or just how intensely good it was. She spread her legs to give Alasdair better access to her, and writhed against the bed, arching her back against the covers and flexing her legs and arms. She pulled on the restraints, enjoying the way that they didn’t give, that they wouldn’t release her. It made her feel… helpless. Vulnerable. Good.

And then Alasdair slipped her panties to one side, and he was applying the vibrator to the wet flesh of her sex, sliding it back and forth, circling her clit with it. Before she knew it, she could feel the pleasure building in her abdomen, rising and rising to almost unbearable levels. It was so intense that she couldn’t help but cry out, moaning in pleasure. She rocked her hips against the bed, urging him to press harder. Much to her delight, he did so.

When she came, her climax was huge. It swept through her like a tidal wave, sending tremors through her body from the tip of her head to the tips of her toes. She cried out in ecstasy, and her whole body convulsed with pleasure. She could feel herself squeezing and releasing, the wetness streaming from her. She was floating on a cloud of pure pleasure, Alasdair’s hand on her breast, his mouth close to hers.

At last, after what seemed like an eternity, her climax came to an end. She collapsed back to the bed, utterly exhausted. Alistair switched off the vibrator and leaned down to kiss her on the mouth, softly and gently now. One by one, he released her wrists.

“Well,” he said, holding both her hands in his, “I think this is going to be a rather interesting weekend.”

 Guest Post ( Carla Frost )

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