The first male sex toy with no mess cleanup. Just because youre good with the ladies doesnt mean you dont like to rub one out once in awhile. Display it on your nightstand and she may want to try it out on you No mess cleanupAdjustable tightnessDiscreet designNaturally retains heatHow it works1. Lay flat with the velcro at the end facing up.2. Lay sleeve close to the end opposite the velcro.3. Roll the sleeve up until the velcro matches and the fifi adheres shut. Roll loosely or tightly depending on your preference.4. Pull the excess sleeve down over the raised lip.5. Add desired amount of water based lubricant.6. Upon completion, remove sleeve, tie up and dispose.
EAN 860734000239
SIZE 7.5 Inches
LENGTH 7.5 Inches
BRAND Various Toy Brands

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